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Saturday, March 26, 2011

What The?

<------WHAT THE?
I found this surprise when I got into my truck yesterday.  Apparently, this poor nickel had no idea it was plummeting to its untimely death when it fell into this vat of dark liquid, presumably chocolate.  I don't know how it got there, or who was eating chocolate {although all evidence strongly points to the youngest of the clan}.  I do know it was not there the day before. 

This is a typical, daily hourly, event in the life of a mom.  It happened yesterday when I went home for lunch and found the trail of coffee grinds at the front door leading to the (once again) tipped over trash can in a sea of last night's dinner rubbish; Pepper peering around the corner awaiting my reaction to his intentional defiance.

I've blogged about events that sparred this reaction also: Catie's need to be the Skins,    Zac's field trip purchase of kings  , the mysterious disappearance of the fish who never even had the chance to earn a name,   the little pink thing that we all knew I would lose,  and the time my daughter ordered a Bud light in the pretend cafe.  This is the stuff of blogging.  Without it, I would have no material. 

WHAT THEs make life interesting.  Clean it up, accept the change, absorb the reality, and move on. 

My latest WHAT THE was, however, a doozy.  One I am having trouble digesting.  As I left school yesterday, I packed up my papers to grade and other work to take home.  I had an armful, so I threw my red Gatorade on top of my bag.  You know where I'm going with this.  My students will have some very colorful graded papers next week, and one embarrassed teacher.

Lesson:  Check the Gatorade lid always, especially the red kind.

So long, I have a cup holder to manhandle.


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