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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daylight Savings T....zzzzzzzzz

This week has been a total bust.  This Daylight Savings Time has thrown my whole aura off, and I can barely stay awake.  Nightowls all over the world are staying up just as late as usual (or later), just like me, and waking to the sound of that deafening alarm at 5:30 am.  But, actually last week this would have meant we were waking up at 4:30 am.  So, this is where I am: staying up an hour later; waking an hour earlier.  Making for one migraine, one after school nap, one really b*tchy day, and 3 kids staying up waayy too late and being waayy too cranky after school.

Now, it is Thursday.  I am starting to feel a little more in control of the situation.  I had a very productive day.  All of the kids felt back to normal.  Showers actually happened before bed time (where the 3-yr-old felt inclined to sing "All The Single Ladies").  The kids were in bed on time {except for that same pesky 3-yr-old who every now and then scurries behind me, on the side of me, and under me (well, my chair) on her way to a hiding spot where she spies on me from around a corner}.  I actually went to the GYM, and completed a FULL workout!  I was in a great mood all day.

Thank goodness.  I was beginning to think I needed to move to Arizona or Hawaii, where they are just rebellious enough to NOT observe DST. 

We'll make it.  We'll come around.  Next week will be better.  After all, the extra daylight is essential for our much loved favorite season of the year..........................................of course, you know, I mean BaSeBaLL SeAsOn!!!!


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