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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shirts and Skins

Well, thanks to this past basketball season, my 9-yr-old has brought the concept of  "skins and shirts" to our household.  This would be fine if I were raising more than one boy, which I am not.  I already have to deal with my little Cate running around, while screaming. "I'm the skins!  I'm the skins!" in her pink tutu.

Tonight, Zac's bed attire is the shirtless option.  Catie has come to me several times begging to be the "skins" for bed.  I am not allowing it.  Why do I choose to be so mean to an innocent 3-yr-old who is only trying to mimic her brother whom she idolizes?  This is one of many difficult decisions a parent makes in a day of parenting.  While it may seem like a simple, "Sure, go ahead.  It's just one night", I can assure you it is not.  Giving in and allowing the skins to exist during bedtime, will open the door for skins to be allowed any other night.  Girls are shirts, and boys are skins, Honey! 

She is apparently over it already.  It was rough for a small bit, but we're fine now.  Had I allowed it this one measly night, though, I would have had a much larger sobfest to deal with weeks down the road when my sweet Cate, who wears tutus and barrettes daily, will only sleep as "the skins". 

I'm holding my ground on this one.  Girls are shirts, boys are skins.


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