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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Final attempt...I'm Diving In

Last week I had the Bad Idea.  You know, I fell asleep on top of my graded papers on a Friday night!  Ugh.  So here it is...the dreaded stack, half graded, half beckoning me every minute of the day.

Along with the fabulous independence of a 4th grader, comes the dreaded discussion question.  We dread grading them as much as they dread answering them.  They are, however, a necessary evil.

SO...I'm going in for the kill.  I shall conquer this everlasting mountain of coma inducing wickedness.  And if I DON' the authorities.  I may need to be taken away in a nice, white coat.

(all for the babes that I thank GOD for everyday:)


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