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Monday, March 7, 2011

This House of Ours

This is it.  Our house.  The window for completion is about 8ish weeks or so.  THIS house better be good.  THIS house has been the root of some major stress, mostly for my husband.  It would stress me out if I knew the first thing about house building, but I do not.  I only worry about paint colors and floor choices, and window dressings.  You know, the aesthetics.
My husband, however, worries about EVERYTHING!  Will the electrical wiring carry the load of all we will need to plug in, is the concrete sound, did we put enough pilings underground before we built (50 something), is the elevation high enough, did I put enough cable and internet jacks in EVERY room, is the house facing the right direction for optimal sunlight at the 5 o'clock hour????
 While these all sound like typical worries of a home builder, I (fortunately) don't have to worry about such things.  My husband (unfortunately) worries enough for all involved.

Case in point:  My husband is currently hanging electrical fixtures in the shop.   He does not just want the typical fluorescent bulb, of course.  He has this overabundance of knowledge in certain areas (well, many areas), and sometimes that knowledge morphs the simplest task into an endless {and unwelcome} quest into physics, or thermodynamics, or electrical [insert big term here].
I have often said that my husband would look up chap stick in Consumer Reports if he could.  He is so bent on finding the B-E-S-T product out there, it creates a lot more work.

Today, he is searching for fluorescent light bulbs.  NOT just any bulb at Home Depot.  He has GOOGLEd, and BINGed it to death.  Now, he'd like me to become involved in this quest for the perfect shop light bulb in the perfect hue of fluorescence ever imagined.  At first, knowing his stress and obsession with his shop, I concurred.  45 minutes later, on my Lundi Gras, in my PJs ~STILL~, with the kids needing everything under the roof, with tons of work to do, I have thrown in the towel.

I have GOOGLEd, and BINGed, and called, and, click, click, click, click, clicked eNOUGH for one morning.  Even the Teche Electric guy was puzzled by my explicit need for the T-8 32 Watt 5000k specifically!  Then he asked me another question...In what color???  I don't know what color??  I am under exact orders to tell you this exact description!  In the color of LIGHT!

I have since called my husband, obviously stressed, and told him to go to Home Depot.  Poor thing.  I'm no help.


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