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Saturday, March 19, 2011

High Maintenance

Wahhhaaahhhh!  .......gIrLs!!.....It is always something.  If you have a daughter, you will relate to this post.

My 7-year-old rarely wakes up happy.  Most mornings I have to wake her up countless times and drag her out of bed.  My son, on the other hand, pops out of bed and quickly gets dressed.  My daughter can't ever decide on what she would like for breakfast.  It is usually a different item, or in a different way than she once preferred it (milk?  no milk?  in a cup?  in a bowl?  with a spoon?  no spoon? grits?  cereal? pancakes?  which syrup?  which plate?).  My son makes his breakfast and eats it before any of us.  When she finally sits down for the painfully delivered breakfast, she eats a few bites, and throws the rest away.  One hour later, she asks for lunch.  My son eats lunch at your typical noonish time.

My son (while particular about it) will fix his hair without my coaxing.  My daughter's hair routine is much like the breakfast routine.  Ponytail?  no ponytail? to the side? with a braid?  no braid?  barrette?  no barrette?  head band?  no headband?  Once her hair is fixed, I see her an hour later at school, and it is different.  I see her at lunch, another 'do, then after school, yet another.

Getting dressed!  Even though most days requires a uniform, you cannot imagine how many ways said uniform can be worn.  Now that it is too warm for the girls to (legally) wear long pants, she has decided this is what she must wear, triggering dramatic morning battles.  On the weekends, what she wore last weekend is no longer comfortable, what you just bought her doesn't fit right.  Her dresser drawers are overstuffed and unable to close properly, but she really needs new clothes.  Socks are even an issue.  Not a small issue.  A BIG issue.  Too long, too short, too tight, too loose, wrong color, too twisty, too purple, too pink, too white, don't FIT!

The room is always a mess because it is overflowing with toys that no one plays with, her brother is always bothering her in one way or another, she's hungry, she's thirsty, she wants what she wants and she wants it right now...or else....waterworks

Well, seeing that this rant has only covered a few issues in the life of raising a daughter, I guess I should just stop with a swift "You get the point". 

My worry is that I have another following right behind her.  She is more high maintenance than a drag queen at the Apollo Ball.  She woke up this morning complaining of sticks being stuck in her feet, flexed her toes to show the bones, and said, "See?".  This complaint was delivered with the saddest, most pitiful expression one could muster.  She also had knots in her hair causing what sounded like a cat fight while brushing her hair.  Now, I have been ordered I can't laugh at her when she is funny...ever, ever again.  I think she may hold me to it, too.

That's all.  I have to go.  Abby has something in her sock that is causing great dismay.  We also have to go shopping for new clothes.


To my cousin, Allison, who will deliver her sweet Kate any day now: "Good Luck!"'ll need it.

My daughter who I thank God for everyday:) 

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