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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bloggety, blog, blog...

Well, it seems I have dropped the ball on any existence of a blog.  Since it is a Sunday, and I should be working on my lesson plans, this seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up.  Not much has changed, however.  We are currently in birthday season when all of the kids turn a year older (Catie, 6; Abby, 10; and Zac, 12), the kids have begun a new school year, and I am still grappling with herculean task of conquering the chore chart.  This is how my whole blog got started with my post Washing The Clean Dishes.  That chore chart lasted about 72 hours.  You remember what a lousy housekeeper Abby was at 7-years-old.  This family has a ton of experience with many different chore charts.  If you are looking for that mom blog with all the answers, you've knocked on the wrong door.  This family is real and struggles the same as you to <<>>.

Yesterday my kids were all off at different activities, so I got on my dust fairy wings and cleaned...and cleaned...and cleaned.  By 4:00 the house was sparkling.  By 10:00 the house was back to the way it was before I started.  I had even cooked a nice dinner which I, and only I, ate. 

Today is a new day.  I have resorted to locking the girls in their rooms and not allowing them any privileges until their rooms sparkle.  Oh, I know that sounds mean.  They don't actually REALIZE they are locked in their rooms.  I am a pro at this MOM thing by now.  I called them both into the living room, told them that they would have to earn their electronic devices back today, told them what good cleaners they are (((God accepts some lies, right?))), armed them with two types of cleaning spray and paper towels, and told them to surprise me with how clean they can make their region of our home.  I told them I believed in them.  I told them they could DO IT!  WE HIGH FIVED!! 
So far, they have come out for an oreo, a piece of gum, to tattle (twice), and to make a playlist on my iPhone for added motivation.  Now, they are back in their rooms.  We shall see what is to come.  More later.



Success!!  YipEE!!