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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Enter the Lenten Season

Day one of no sweets is going...just okay.  I'm not crazy or obsessed just yet.  I have, however, figured out my times of the day when I most divulged into the sugary splendor.  Those would be immediately after finishing lunch, and anytime from school dismissal until....well, that's still being discovered, I guess.  ((Probably bedtime))

I've been thinking all day of what on Earth I could feed my carnivorous offspring.  Meatless spahetti? Shrimp Fetuccini? Crawfish Etouffee? Cheese Enchiladas?..........I finally just decided to ask them what they would like.  After getting over the "no meat" thing, they have all agreed on eggs.  I knew that was what they would want in the first place.

Lesson:  Overthinking dinner is never worth the extra effort.


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