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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Unfortunate Unfunny Friday

This past Friday started out as any other Friday would.  I went to work, had a typical day with my kiddos, came home and scurried off to the ballpark.  Little did I know the series of unfortunate events that this wretched evening would hold.

5:15- Softball scrimmage.  Arrive on time.  All is normal.
5:20- Zac heads to the batting cages.
5:21- Catie is screaming to go to the playground.  I am watching Abby.  Zac is occupied. No playground. 
5:21-5:28- Loud boohooing from Sweet Cate in a desperate attempt at victory.  Still no. 
5:30- Cate goes to "watch" Zac nearby at the batting cage.  The rules for this have been discussed many times.
5:40- A sobbing Catie and a wide-eyed Zac appear in front of me.  Catie now literally has the stamp of the baseball threading in the middle of her forehead.  Apparently, Catie went in the cage, would not budge when Zac asked several times, so he took a swing anyway....and tagged her smack dab in the middle of her forehead.  Ice.  Hugs.  Panic.  Resume normal activity.  Both kids sit for the rest of the game.  I can't say I even remember Abby playing Friday, I was so disturbed by the ridiculous tat that now graces the forehead of my sweet angel.  Lesson learned.

7:00- Arrive back home.  Rally the troops for an evening with friends. 

7:30ish-Enjoying a friendly fish fry, kids are playing, etc.

8:00ish- The men decide to go check the trot lines set earlier in the local pond (I know, it sounds really country)

8:15- Todd walks back in with his squeaky Crocs and dripping clothes and head past us to the bathroom.  We assume the obvious.  He fell in the pond.  As any good friend would, Shane offers him a change of clothes.  Todd forgoes the underwear that are offered, closes the door, and changes into the nice, dry clothing.

8:45- Shane offers Todd a taste of this fabulous Pepper Jelly that his wife picked up at the store for the company that was coming.  "It's awesome!"  he says, "You have to try it."  So, Todd loads a Wheat Thin up with a pile of this heavenly delicacy.  Within seconds, he turns to me and says, "We're going to have to go to the hospital."  PeCaNs!  My husband is deathly allergic to tree nuts.  I grab my purse.  Tell the kids we will return and head out.  This would be a great time to have that EpiPen that lives in Todd's truck.  Too bad we were in mine.  Lesson learned.

Now, I have never actually driven in an emergent situation before.  I was speeding, going through every light, swerving, turning, heart racing, hazards blinking. 

9:00ish- Whew!  We get to the ER.  Todd is wheezing, swollen, obviously in need of medical attention.  He is whisked away by the nurse who treated us like we may not be positive if it is an allergic reaction, whom I had to finally, firmly say, "YES!  We are SURE!  We have done this plenty of times BEFORE!  Just help him!!"  I follow.


10:00-getting sleepy

10:30- yaaawwwnnnnn.

11:30-tick tock tick tock

12:15- Misery starts to sink in.  Attempting sleep in a hard plastic chair.  When will this end???

1:00 am- Todd is released.  I bring him home for a much deserved bedtime.

1:15 am-Arrive at friends' house to pick up kids.

1:17am - Pick up Abby off of the couch only to realize she has wet her pants (which she NEVER does).  Tell Anise we will pay for cleaning.  And we WILL pay for cleaning, Anise!

1:20am- Load Zac and Cate in truck.  Load Pepper in truck.  Yes, we chose THIS night to bring the dog, too! Leave for home.  Finally.

1:30am- Home.  Wide awake from all of the drama. 

Sleep eventually came, but I am still twitching a bit from all that happened in one seemingly innocent evening.

Lots of lessons learned that night.  I told you...completely unfunny, just unfortunate.


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