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Monday, April 4, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

Zac just turned off his light, peered into his hermit crab's cage, and said, "Mom, I think my hermit crab is dead." {{poke, poke....POKE, POKE}}}
"Well, when is the last time you fed him?"
"I do feed him.  He just doesn't eat!"
"Well, MAYbe that's because he's dead {{snort, chuckle, giggle}}}...When's the last time you fed him?"
"Last month??"
"Yeah, he might be dead."

Catie: "MOM?  Can we go to  the pet store tomorrow and get a hermit crab for me?"

Really?  How many of God's creatures have to be sacrificed in this inhumane way?


R.I.P Hermit Crab...R.I.P

For the other creatures of God we have lost, you can visit the story of the gold fish (again, no name).  It's shameful.

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