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Monday, April 4, 2011

Chores...Take Two!

Okay, I posted long ago about trying to start a chore system.  I guess it disappeared into the sea of homework, house building, teaching, and whatever other daily task we could insert here to make it sound more dramatic.   The beginning stages are the toughest part because I have to endure the fussing, fighting, whining, hitting, kicking, screaming rebellion.  Of course, another downfall was the time Abby was unaware that all surfaces of the dishes deserve a scrub.

So, we are in the beginning stages of our 2nd attempt at a peaceful, harmonious household where kids pick up their toys, set and clear the table, help wash the dishes, pick up the bathroom and their rooms daily, and show a general love and respect for all who dwell here.  I know, sounds like your house, right? 

I have revised the chore chart (for the 8th time), customized them all to each child, and hung them on their bedroom doors.  Catie, so far, is not a team player.  She came home from school and checked off EVERYTHING for today already, including the bedtime routine boxes.  Whatever......she lies.  We're all aware of it.

Wish us luck.  We'll need it.


Lesson:  For chore chart to work, one must enforce said chores.

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