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Friday, April 8, 2011

Flippin Chore Chart Update

So, we've attempted the chore chart once again at our house.  At the end of week one we have one success, one liar, and one bad attitude who could care less about the flippin chore chart.

Zac was all over the structure and routine of it (much like his personality).  Catie came home on Monday [day 1] and checked off every box for the entire rest of the week with utter satisfaction with herself (again, not surprising). Then, there's Abby.  Abby has taken a complete turn in the opposite direction.  I don't think my nifty chore chart was the culprit.  I have pondered on this all week, explored every possible reason.  I keep coming back to the most obvious.  She's a girl.

Now, I have a little girl who has blatantly disregarded the chore policy, refused to fulfill several most tasks she should have done, and even topped it off this week with fibbing to her teacher at school.  I'm not prepared for this girl thing.  I need support.  I need parenting classes, or books,or blogs, or some type of training literature that I can highlight and file for future reference {Not really. I don't file, unless it is on my computer.}}  You know what I mean.

.........I don't even know what her consequence should be for the chore chart catastrophe.  I didn't read that far on the website.  I only saw rewards.  Teachers are the worst at reading and following directions.

Lesson:  Do not pioneer chore chart without a well thought out plan of action.


P.S.  When your mom says "I hope you have a daughter just like you one day!", do you think God hears, laughs, and follows through with that request?  I think, maybe so.

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