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Monday, April 18, 2011

She Won't Crack!

If I had a dime for every time I heard someone tell Abby or me, "I'm gonna make her talk one day!" I'd be a rich lady.

My 7-year-old, Abigail, is a tough cookie to crack.  Many have attempted to break her icy facade, but few have actually succeeded.  Once success is achieved, the relationship must be nourished, groomed, and revisited often, or else....back to square one. 

Her Pre-K teacher, Mrs. Heather,  once told me, "I have her figured out.  I have to completely ignore Abby to get her to talk in class.  The second I look directly at her and make eye contact, all bets are off.  She speaks on her own terms."  This is the absolute truth.  Abby does like attention, but in an indirect way.  She's like a lot of shy kids.  She wants people to know more about her, but she doesn't know how to go about saying it.  She's thrilled if she can walk around in her cleats and baseball gear.  This tells others she loves baseball.  If she makes a good grade on a test, she'll tell me, but makes sure the person she wants to hear it is within earshot of us.

I once witnessed my daughter at the age of 3 sit in her stoic way while my most hilarious uncle made faces at her, tickled her feet, had a staring contest, all in an attempt to break her.  Nothing. I am not sure how she does it, but she has this thing mastered.

I currently have 2 faculty members at school, her 8th Grade Buddy, and her baseball coaches attempting victory.  To them I say good luck. They'll need it.  Don't look directly at her.  Talk about baseball, Catie, Pepper, Zac, Mario Bros., her best friend, Lili.  These are some of her weaker areas.  She loves these things so much, she is always tempted to burst open and share at least one quick detail.  Listen closely because it will be low and quick, and she's not repeating, either. -_-


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