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Thursday, September 8, 2011

"QUIET" time

So, we've been in school now for close to one month.  I am teaching my son this year (umm..that's another blog post).  My daughter, Abby (click for more),  is in 3rd grade right next door.  Sweet, precious Catie started Pre-K 4 with her beloved teachers Mrs. McIver and Mrs. Miller (along with her fauxmance, Grant).  Her classroom is also in a very close proximity to mine.  It's'd think.  However, this ideal arrangement that I so longed for has backfired.  I have gone from having at least a few minutes of quiet as I begin my work day, to 

As my precious 4th grade angels are entering my classroom, Catie, Abby, and Zac are just making their exit.  Not to mention the added drama of having your 4-year-old at work with you.  AND, as my 4th grade angels are leaving for the day, I have already had 2 booksacks, a plastic folder, several papers from school, a pair of shoes, a ponytail holder, and 2 assignment pads handed to me.  My kids are already arguing, asking for snacks, taking out markers, paper, crayons, scissors, library books, and on, and on.  This is all happening in unison with parent pick up.  I still have 8-10 students and 2 parents in the room....AAAGHGHH!

Somewhere I must draw the line, somehow.  I have to stop being Mrs. Adrienne, T H E N become "Mom".  Obviously(!!!!) since this post was supposed to be about my "quiet" run tonight, and it has viciously spiraled into the stress of my day to day.

So, I get home, and decide {{Today is the day}} I will get back into my running routine I meant to stick to weeks ago.  The air is cool, the sun is shining, there is no excuse.

quietly, I sneak into my room and change my clothes, slide into the closet and grab my running shoes, sneak past the 3 kiddies mesmerized by "So Random" on Disney (or whatever).  I gently grab the dog leash.  My trusty, faithful, needy, co-dependent, over sized dog is already by my side {{of course}}.  Ever so carefully, I click the lever on the door.  It creaks a bit as it opens, but those kids are zombies now, luckily.  I MADE IT!!!

No, this is not me, but it is how I felt!

I made it out of the house without one mini Zembower noticing!  My music is on what I want to hear (Take Over me by Aaron Shust)  all seems to be well ......for the most part.
My dog did become obsessed with every vehicle that chose this hour to grace the neighborhood.  He lost all of his marbles when the UPS man rounded the corner, tying me into his leash, viciously causing me to spin, turn, and nearly crash into the pavement.  He even gave me the added bonus of collecting his poop in a little, black bag. 

When I finally had him calmed, I could hear the faint calling of a familiar voice.  (((Abby)))).  I should have known she would find me out <<crinkled nose>>.  I mean, Disney Channel is pretty awesome, but these kids check to make sure I am, in fact, devoting all of my love, time, and attention to their cause each and every second.  I knew she would eventually check on me, notice, and follow.  Luckily, she was the only one who discovered this opportunity.  She ran with me in her Peter Pan collared starched uniform shirt, her navy modesty shorts, her navy knee highs, and her running shoes. 

This run was a hard one.  I was out of practice.  It was a mess, but I completed it.  It was, however, my "quiet" time which never actually became very quiet at all.

Lesson:  Not so "quiet" time ain't so bad either.

How do you get YOUR much deserved quiet time??


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