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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fauxmance in the Threes

My 3-year-old has a crush.  Yesterday, when I picked her up, her teacher told me she had made him a special heart and put it in his box.  Grant, the crushee, is apparently oblivious to the beauty, wit, and charm of my sweet Cate.  Mrs. Vickie said that Catie blatantly informed Grant that he was her boyfriend.  "No, I'm not," said Grant.  "Yes you are!" snapped sweet little Cate.  Grant has a thing or two to learn about girls at his ripe young age of 3. 

So, last night, all Catie could talk about was Grant this and Grant that.  "Mom, " Catie said, "When I tried to line up by Grant, he would not let me line up by him."  Which made me realize something key about the "fauxmance".  Catie may be stalking this poor boy.  You see, the other girls in the Threes have an eye for Grant as well.  My Catie loves a good competition.  Grant may need a little space with all of these girls chasing him and fighting over him, which I am sure Catie will have none of if others are trying to get the sweet boys attention as well. Poor kid.

Today was the Annual Stick Rodeo at Catie's school.  Catie pranced around the barrels in her frilly pink skirt and her Hannah Montana shirt.  Grant raced faster than anyone like a champ as Catie cheered him on from the side.  Who can blame her.  He's one cute kid.

<---------  This is the happy couple.  Grant is holding his yellow horse pretending my Catie does not exist. Who could resist that sweet girl.

Lesson:  May need to turn off Disney Channel now and then.


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