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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Honey Do .......pLeAsE!!

I have been in my beautiful new house for over a month now.  It is lovely and spacious and full of light.  Mostly, this is because I have been asking my husband to hang our shades since before the move.  I have asked writing....with a please.....nagging, nagging, nagging.  You know the drill, ladies.

I think I may resort to comedy, or desperation.  I have 5 shades to hang.  I shall place one over his sink in the bathroom.  One will go on his computer in the office.  One will lay on his pillow.  One can block his way to the garage.  Where can the other go.......ahhhh, his beloved shower.

I'll let you know if this new form of nagging is a success. :/

Lesson to come.



  1. Good luck with that and keep me informed so I can use the same idea!!!!