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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Drama Club

I can't decide where the personality of my sweet youngest daughter, Catherine Alyce, also known as Catie, comes from.  My middle child, Abby, clearly is my daughter in personality and all.  I was the painfully shy tomboy that I see when I look at her.  My son exhibits my personality when he is too indecisive.   We are unsure about the influence which created Thing 3.

Catie, hmmmm...currently (past bed time) she is doing quick claps and shimmying from side to side mimicking Michael Jackson.  Every now then, she busts into a quick rap about her socks and sandals (I think this is a Disney Channel thing).  Daily, she makes fake phone calls to order room service..."Yes, this is Catie Zembower.  I would like Honey Nut Cheerios and Cheetos and Apple Juice.  I'm going to need A LOT!  I'm SO hungry!  Thanks.  Bye.""Yes.  This is Catie Zembower.  I need a large pizza with everything on it.  Thanks. Bye." click.

She fake calls fake friends.  "Hi, this is Catie!  Are you coming over to sleep?  Okay, see you soon.  Bye""Hi.  This is Catie....ummm, I can come pick you up.  I'll come in a little bit.  Yes.  Mmhm.  Well, I drive a really big truck.  We can go to California (squealing).  My truck doesn't have seat belts either, so we don't have to buckle up!"

I often have to say "Amen" to the Ritz cracker or Wheat Thin that is presented to me with a serious "The Body Of Christ".  She changes her clothes 5 times a day.  Spells things to me like, "Mom, d-a-h-f-r-g-v.  That means I love you (head tilt, smile)."  She thinks it is a cruel and unfair world when her brother and sister can have friends over and have sleepovers, but she can't. When asked who she would invite, she lists 3rd graders (Abby's friends).

She's a big faker.  Often, when we are getting out of the car, she quickly closes her eyes and pretends she's sleeping. It would benefit her if she could control her laughter when faking, but she can't.  Her eyelids flitter furiously as she tries hard to keep them closed while still making an effort to see my reaction.  Lately, she has realized that if she fake sleeps through mass, she does not have to get up and down so often.  So, immediately upon finding our seats, she goes limp in our arms, faking, faking, faking, then finally actually sleeping.

The most embarrassing so far, though, would have to be when Zac's 9-year-old visiting friend (also my 4th grade student) walked through the living room sans shirt after a stinky fishing trip on his way to the shower.  Catie whistled at him, except she can't whistle, so she faked it in a high pitched squeal.

Dear God, give me patience and guidance and the knowledge I will certainly need to steer this child in a positive, fulfilling direction.  Guide me to opportunities to help her imagination to grow.  And please, God, show me the best location in our home for her first Oscar.    Amen


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