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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Sprinkler

My sweet little ballerina just came back from her second ever ballet class.  Now, both girls can't get enough of dancing.  Catie is showing Abby the pliet she has learned, which she insists is called "Cliet" /kleeyae/ {{no matter what you or I say}}.  That is the extent of Catie's ballet knowledge thus far.  Realizing this, Abby seized the opportunity to teach something new to her baby sister.  Catie is now well versed in the "Salsa" (which looked more like a Tango).  She then proceeded to teach Catie the more complicated Pas de Chat.  To which Catie exclaimed,

"That's boring.  I hope they teach us to do the Sprinkler."
((Immediately giving her best Sprinkler))

Lesson:  Catie needs more involved classical ballet training, stat!
The sprinkler???


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