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Friday, May 6, 2011

Her Grace

As she does every school night, Catie picked out the perfect outfit for the following day.  Today it was a fairly new pink dress with a sassy little halter top.  Since it was chilly this morning, I put her white sweater on her. 
As we approached her classroom door, she started fiddling nervously with the sweater buttons.  She turned to me anxiously and said, "Take it off, Mom!  Take my sweater off.  Hurry!"  I asked her why, and she said, "Just take it off...please!"  I did.  She swiftly turned to face the classroom door, put her shoulders back, chest out, back straight, chin up....and   g  l  i  d  e  d   into the room.  As she did this, she watched each face as if they would just fall over from the sheer elegance that had just graced the threshold.  Her teacher, Mrs. Janet, was the first to notice (as she does everyday) the absolute beauty of the moment.  Catie. was. pleased.

Lesson:  Kids are born with a some of their personality all on their own with no influence whatsoever from their parents.


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