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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

May is always such a busy time of year.  Every festival, dance review, First Communion, fishing tournament, graduation, and birthday party are battling to be at the top of your to-do list.  For us, May has all of these things with the added ingredient of our new house being very near completion. {{excitement!!}}

This weekend holds the priority of blowing insulation into the attic.  Today, Mother's Day, is THE only possible day we were free to do it.  Mother's Day has been rescheduled for my family to next Sunday.  My mom has also followed suit since she is moving this weekend.

I love Mother's Day for several reasons.  The obvious...It's my day.  Moms don't often get to call ANY day her own, except for this day (and her birthday).  All of the other 363 days of the year are solely dedicated to the needs and priorities of the household and all who dwell in it.  We are pretty fabulous creations in this sense.  We multitask in our sleep, people.

Another reason I love this day is because I just love to see husbands show their absolute adoration of their spouse, knowing fully that she deserves this treatment on many more than just one day per year.  I also love it for the comedy of it, really.  All month long they agonize over the perfect gift....well, okay...for at least 2 days leading up to Mother's Day they agonize over the perfect gift.  My husband was thrilled when I told him I was buying my own gift this year:) Sometimes they hit a home run, sometimes they give you a toaster.  Either way, most of them never realize that the best Mother's Day gifts are free.  For all of you Dads, here's the list:

Breakfast in bed (quietly, and pick up the mess when you are done)
Hugs (from all in the family all day long)
Clean the house (make the kids help.  Send Mom away because Moms cannot sit and watch.)
Bring the coffee cups back into the house from your truck back to the cabinet where they live.
Sweep the back patio
Let Mom sleep late and go to bed early.
Do the dishes (it helps if this is done more than once)
Wash some clothes (and fold them, and put them the right place)
Cook dinner (and clean up the mess when you're done)
Feed the dog in the am and the pm
Walk the dog
Clean the kitchen
Get the kids ready for bed
Clean up after all are in bed and have already half undone the original gift of cleaning
All day be sure to kiss any bo-bos, resolve all conflicts, help build confidence, spread love evenly, kill scary bugs, monitor TV/gaming, put out fires, praise the good, kiss, kiss, kiss, hug, hug, hug.

I know.  It seems like a lot to request in one single day.  I mean, how could one person possibly do all of this in one day?  You'd be exhausted!  You'd this one day as the Mom you love lives everyday (and I left some things out so as not to make your head explode). 

To all of the moms and dads who are doing BOTH jobs (as Mom and Dad) you are an absolute RoCkStAr!  Enjoy your day.  Happy Mother's Day to you all!

My 3 blessings.  Catie was scared she was not fully
able to be seen by the camera in this picture.


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