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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome Back!!

First day of school today....whew.  If you think the first day of school wipes the kids out, you should meet the teachers at the end of the day.  My legs are threatening to give out on me without any notice, my feet hurt from my shins to my pedicure deprived toes, and all I want to do is go to bed.  If anyone stops by to hand out Mom of the Year trophy today, they would probably leave laughing.
I need eggs, wheat bread, apple juice, and turkey.  It can wait.  I'll have to be creative for lunch tomorrow.  The only thing that would get me to the store would be if coffee or wine was on that list.  It is not.  I'm safe.

My kids asked for McFlurries after school.  I stopped to get those after realizing my purse was left at school and I had to go all the way back there, through road construction, and BACK to the drive thru window I HAD JUST LEFT as they snored in the backseat.  While there, I decided I may as well get dinner (since Todd is out of town on the worst night to be out of town).  We are home now.  They have just eaten their McFlurries and dinner all at the same time.  Normally, I would die before that would happen.  Not tonight.  Just give me a bed.

Currently, the only words coming out of my mouth are, "Maybe you should get ready for bed."  This would be in response to "Mom, I'm tired"; "Mom, my tummy hurts" (that's what we get for eating dessert with our fast food meal); "Mom, we are out of apple juice." ; "Mommy, Zac hit me." ; and "Mom, I need socks for tomorrow."  To ALL of this, I say, "Maybe you should just get ready for bed."

The dog is pacing since no one in this house will walk him.  My kids are arguing.  The house is a mess.  My laundry room suddenly needs attention that it will not get.  There are dishes in the sink.

.....I just want to  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Lesson learned:  I will never be fully prepared for the first day of school.


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