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Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Swear We're Nice People

Last night we were invited by some new friends to a much needed crawfish boil at their home.  Finally!  Moving to a new town and making new friends is not as easy at it may seem.  I mean, we'd look a little weird knocking on someone's door and asking them to come out and play, right?   At times,the shy kid comes out in me and I don't quite know how to just say, "Hey, maybe we could all have dinner one night?"  Well, honestly, that's not the only hurdle.  We all have 1,648 kids and have to find sitters, arrange our schedules around baseball games, dancing, birthday parties, sick kids, etc, etc, etc.  There is also my profession.  My son is in my class, so these are the parents a normal mom would meet and spend time with, BUT...I teach their kid.  How weird is it to have your teacher's kid ask you to hang out.  haha!  That just made me laugh thinking of it! .....(still laughing)..........................ehem!

Anyway, we were invited to the home of a couple whom Todd and I both adore.  They have small children and I knew Catie would love it.  After our 5:30 T-ball scrimmage where Catie's team won with an imaginary, made up score of 8-2, we headed over.  The crawfish was incredible.  Kudos to our hosts.  But then, it happened.  As the adults enjoyed each others company in a much needed huddle on the back patio, the kids' Friday Fatigue (as I call it) started becoming apparent.  It started when their sweet 5-year-old son came screaming from the darkness because he was hit in the face with something never really identified, I guess.  My son and the other 10-yr-old there come behind him saying that HE was throwing stuff FIRST!  Really??  You chose THIS NIGHT to defend yourself against a 5-year-old?  That was it, the start of a series of several events that made Zac seem like he and Charles Manson were in cahoots.  Catie was her usual high spirited self and spent her time being social with the little kids, only embarrassing me the one time she came out with some contraption which she put on her chest and called "boobies".  Nice. 

As a mom of three and a teacher of 76, there are times we can't explain why a normally sweet kid suddenly goes postal for an evening.  The night was fun, which is good, since it was probably our last.  I swear we're nice people with nice kids.  Really!  I mean it!

These are my kids 2 hours before the evening crawfish boil.  We dragged them out for more fun with full knowledge of their Friday Fatigue.  What were we thinking?

Lesson:  Simple.  Live and learn.



  1. ARE nice people:)
    We would love to have y'all over for dinner...anytime our Aspie kids are acting appropriately......nevermind...there will always be things that happen. Just go with the flow sister!!

  2. I have to go with the flow, Colette, or else, I may not make it out of parenthood alive! Thanks.