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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Hairy Situation

Any girl knows the bond between herself and her hairdresser is a strong one.  It is not just a business deal or an appointment every six to eight weeks.  It's an experience.  Who else is going to give you a relaxing scalp massage, adjust the water temperature just right, and gab with you for at least an hour about your life??  My hairdresser, Michelle (at Five Elements in Lafayette) does all of these things.  She not only asks me what is going on in my life, but actually seems genuinely interested. 

This is also a time when a very busy mom can sit and spend much needed time sans kids, in adult conversation, worrying only about herself (which ONLY happens at this one-hour haven every 6 weeks). Not to mention, it brings back much needed memories.  Maw Maw (former owner of Jo's Beauty shop in Youngsville in the 60's) used to wash our hair in her home shampoo bowl as kids, and it's one of my favorite memories of her.

Oh, yeah, Michelle.  Michelle cuts my mop, too.  For years, I looked for a hairdresser that would tell ME what I should do with my hair, not wait for me to tell them. You see, I have very little fashion sense, unfortunately.  I grew up as a tomboy, never playing with dolls, never wearing a dress, never knowing WHAT to do with my hair.  But, Michelle, always knows.  And that's her job, to know what to do with her clients' hair.  She doesn't even HAVE to talk to me, or give me those fab massages, or give me complimentary bang trims at the mid-six-weeks mark, but she does. 

But, now, I have moved 75 miles away.  It is becoming harder and harder to make it to my appointments. My hair is longer than it has been since Michelle entered my life. I guess I need to find someone in my new town for those times that it is just impossible to make it to Five Elements Salon, but that is easier said than done.  I'm not just looking for a hairdresser.  I feel like I'm looking for a new "relationship".  How dramatic.

So, today, I am at my mom's, and she has these wonderful sheers.  My hair is longggg, Michelle is sick :(, and I am leaving town after lunch.  This means at least one more week of this hair that is in desperate need of some lovin'.  It's a dangerous situation.  I've cut my bangs...still good.  But these wonderful thinning sheers are intriguing to me, and I would love to just start chopping at the parts of my 'do that are the most annoying at the moment (Okay, I did already chop a bit...{I couldn't HeLp it!}.  Now, I've put them down, stepped away, regrouped.  If you see me from behind, my head may be lopsided.  I don't know, I can't see back there.  My mom hasn't said anything, though, so maybe it's  okay.

I'll try to remain strong, and schedule an appointment as soon as I can.  Until then, I'll be in search of a new hair technician who also has a soft, lovable side, listens to my drama, and gives my hair as much TLC as Michelle does. 

I have to wrap this whole drama fest up now because Catie has cut her sweet finger, and needs ALL of my attention.


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