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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Have I Done?!

This morning, the kids and I took advantage of the beautiful day and took a bike ride into neighboring subdivisions.  I knew it was time to come back when Abby had polished off the last of my water and her face was bright red.  As we victoriously conquered the last uphill stretch near our house, I noticed a man putting his "trash" at the road.
This "trash" was a large fish tank.  I would guess it is about a 50 gallon tank with a convex front.  Next to it, was 2 boxes full of everyting a fish lover would need.  Here is the conflict that wives go through in moments such as these.  Do I tell my fish-tank-loving husband about said treasure sitting for free 2 doors down?  This means that all existing honey-dos on the list will be scratched off and replaced with "GET FISH TANK SET UP".  A fish tank that did not exist before this moment.  A fish tank that does not have to exist at all.
I did the right thing...I told him.  I think I saw smoke behind him as he raced out the door to pound on the neighbor's door, but I told him.  He may not get that garage cleaned today, but I told him.  I may not get that last set of blinds hung, but I told him.  Our belongings may be in storage forever, but I told him.  I'm a good wife, so I told him.
(((sigh))) Now, in our garage, we have this large tank, a smaller 20 gallon tank, a smaller 10 gallon tank, and all of the necessary parts and pieces for them to work.  This neighbor apparently had plenty he was ready to ditch.
We got rid of a very large tank before our move.  I was so happy to be done with it, I had a small party in my head.  Now, as I inherit this family's past hobby, I can only imagine HIS wife doing a small happy dance in her kitchen as I prepare to take on this renewed hobby.
I guess this means I may never get that mantle we need either. [[[stomping foot]]]


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